Summer 2016

The Hub of Human Innovation: Economic Impacts of the UTEP – Paso del Norte Clean Energy Incubator Program in El Paso, TX. (January 2016 – June 2016)

The Clean Energy Incubator program is a partnership between The Hub for Human Innovation and UTEP funded through a contract award from the Emerging Clean Technology Program for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and UT Austin’s Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). The UPDN CEI program seeks to facilitate the creation of clean energy companies, create jobs, and develop self-sustaining firms.

After conducting a thorough economic analysis, the Hunt Institute concluded that support from the UPDN CEI program awarded to small clean energy businesses will have considerable benefits to the local economy.

Trends in Occupational Employment Size, Growth and Average Hourly Wages in El Paso and Doña Ana Counties (1999-2017)

Employment size, growth and average hourly wages are explored individually in each county and in the region as a whole, allowing readers to identify workforce opportunities and challenges for the region.

[Published in June 2016]