Survey Report: “Assessing the Participation of the El Paso Construction Sector in Federal Contracting Opportunities”

El Paso’s economy is composed of a wide range of small businesses specializing in areas such as retail, services (logistics, and transportation, tourism, healthcare, etc.), manufacturing, and construction. El Paso’s dynamic construction center has experienced a growth of approximately 3% since 2012, and is expected to continue expanding in the coming years.

Based on an electronic survey that assessed the opinions of local business specializing in construction-related services, this report summarizes the responses of the 156 businesses that participated in the survey. The response rate to the survey was 27.03% (156 out of 577 businesses reached for contact), giving the results a 6.71% margin of error.

[Published in September 2015]

Best Practices Guide on Federal Contracting Opportunities: Recommendations for Small Businesses in El Paso, TX

The “Best Practices Guide” is a comprehensive document that serves as an information resource for small and medium-sized businesses participating in federal sub-contracting opportunities in El Paso, based on a survey designed and conducted by the Hunt Institute.

[Published in September 2015]