Survey Report: “Assessing the Participation of the El Paso Construction Sector in Federal Contracting Opportunities”

El Paso’s economy is composed of a wide range of small businesses specializing in areas such as retail, services (logistics, transportation, tourism, healthcare, etc.), manufacturing, and construction. El Paso’s dynamic construction center has experienced approximately 3% ingrowth since 2012 and is expected to continue expanding in the coming years.

This report summarizes the responses of 156 businesses that participated in an electronic survey assessing the opinions of local businesses specializing in construction-related services. The response rate to the survey was 27.03% (156 out of 577 businesses reached for contact), giving the results a 6.71% margin of error.

[Published in September 2015]

Best Practices Guide on Federal Contracting Opportunities: Recommendations for Small Businesses in El Paso, TX

The “Best Practices Guide” is a comprehensive document, based on a survey designed and conducted by the Hunt Institute, that serves as an informational resource for small and medium-sized businesses participating in federal subcontracting opportunities in El Paso.

[Published in September 2015]