Indicator Reviews

Paso del Norte Economic Indicator Review

As the data in this report demonstrates, the Paso del Norte region’s significance as a geo-strategic corridor has grown considerably, making it one of the most critical trade centers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Organized into four categories– population, employment, export-oriented manufacturing firms, and ports of trade– our analysis confirms the region’s significance and demonstrates the need to expedite the flow of trade and add value along supply chains passing through the region in order to strengthen and secure our position on a national and international level.

[Published in April 2015]

Energy Sector Review

The Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness has published an Energy Sector Review for the Paso del Norte region, examining the wealth of resources in the area, the degree to which the region and the rest of the continent relies on them, as well as illuminating some of the natural and artificial boundaries that shape and impact this international energy sector.

[Published November 2016]