Water Forum 2014

Given the dwindling water supplies due to the long-term drought and growing demands of our region’s vibrant economy, the Hunt Institute has brought together a group of utility and business leaders to discuss our “water future” and how it might impact economic development and growth in the region. The forum offered an opportunity for business and urban leaders to share their perspectives and experiences on the relationship between water and economic growth, as well as how to facilitate efficient water management in the Paso del Norte region.

Cross-border Rail Infrastructure Discussion

On October 2, 2014 the Hunt Institute hosted a meeting between the Bi-national Technical Group and the PdN Interdisciplinary Research Platform at UTEP. The participants assessed the status quo of rail infrastructure in the region and examined available opportunities for strengthening planning activities from academic and interdisciplinary standpoints.

Paso del Norte Competitiveness Forum

In September 2014, the Institute’s Executive Director participated as a moderator of the panel: “Three States, Two Countries, One Economy: How do We Make the Most of It?” with Mayor Leeser from El Paso, Mayor Miagishima from Las Cruces and Major Serrano from Ciudad Juárez, during the Texas – Chihuahua – New Mexico Regional Economic Competitiveness Forum.

Inaugural Event

On April 29, 2014 the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness hosted its inaugural event at the EPNGCC in UTEP. With the participation of more than 220 stakeholders from all over the Paso del Norte Region, the event brought together various community leaders within government, academia and the private and public sectors, to discuss alternatives and share views on how to develop a common Economic Development Strategy for the border region.  The following presentations were made by our panel discussants in key areas: Dr. Jim Peach (Economic and Statistic Analysis), Dr. Michael Kelly (Public Health), Dr. Tom Fullerton (Econometric analysis), Dr. Vicente Lopez (Infrastructure and Urban Planning) and Dr. Ari Michelsen (Water Resources and Economic sustainability).