Maps are an essential component of the Hunt Institute’s efforts to capture the Paso del Norte region’s unique characteristics. Our static and dynamic maps portray trade routes and supply chains for a variety of industries, as well as showcase the region’s geographic unity and plentiful natural resources.

Paso del Norte Cross-Border Dynamic Asset Maps

Paso del Norte Aerospace Asset Map

Paso del Norte Mining Asset Map
Paso del Norte Renewable Energy Asset Map
Paso del Norte Hydrocarbon Asset Map

Paso del Norte Energy Sector Maps

Crude Oil Infrastructure
Refined Oil Infrastructure
Crude & Refined Oil Infrastructure
Paso del Norte Electric Utility
Service Area & Generating Stations
Natural Gas Infrastucture
Solar Radiation & Assets
Geothermal Sources & Assets
Wind Potential & Assets
North America’s Electric Grid Network

Paso del Norte Static Trade Route Maps

The Paso del Norte Region
Paso del Norte East West Trade Routes
Paso Del Norte North South Trade Routes
Paso del Norte Internal Trade Routes
(US 285)