Paso del Norte Local Government Indicators

With ever greater frequency, local communities and governments are coming into contact with all aspects of global trade, including the pressures and opportunities that it presents. The communities and local governments of the Paso del Norte region, seated at the juncture of strategic trade routes linking the Atlantic, Pacific, and Central Mexico, exemplify this dynamic.

While far from the political and financial capitals that govern this trade, the communities and local governments in New Mexico, Texas, and Chihuahua must directly deal with its effects. Local governance by itself requires accurate information, data, and analysis, but when governments are seated along international trade routes and share a common region, but still have different systems, collaborative governance for economic development becomes much more difficult.

A recent report by the Hunt Institute, Paso del Norte Comparative Local Government Indicators, provides a common frame of reference for the region’s diverse jurisdictions to learn more about each other’s demographiceconomicnatural resourcepublic finance, and trade related profiles  in order to coordinate robust responses to common challenges and opportunities. With a shared understanding, the communities of the Paso del Norte can not only facilitate their on regional economic development, but also serve as a model for similarly situated communities in other parts of the world.

Paso del Norte Local Government Comparative Indicators