About Us

The Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness provides a common frame of quantitative and regulatory market analysis of critical sectors in the Paso del Norte region, whose local, state, and federal jurisdictions all converge upon a strategic transcontinental cross-road.

The differing market structures that prevail in Texas, New Mexico, Chihuahua, and the United States and Mexico, which all simultaneously diverge together in the Paso del Norte, fracture economies of scale and impede market health and expansion. The common frames of market analysis that the Hunt Institute provides function as practical tools to strengthen economic integration at a regional and binational level.

In order to achieve this end, the Institute has constructed the following resources:

  1. Data: Single Window of Critical, Regional, Cross-Border Data
  2. Sector Analysis: In-depth Regulatory and Quantitative Market Analysis
  3. Maps: Trade Routes, Supply Chains, and Comprehensive Sector GIS
  4. Economic Impact Modeling: REMI and Implan

For Further Information: