The Hunt Institute’s research projects are designed to assess the Paso del Norte region’s most pressing challenges and find solutions and alternatives in order to facilitate regional cooperation. Our team works to produce periodic economic indicator reviews, sector mapping analysis, surveys, technical reports and other publications containing our research findings.

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The collection of regional data-sets is key to the development of the Hunt Institute’s research activities. Our data repository serves as a valuable tool that allows regional stakeholders to find information in five core areas: Education, Business & Economic Development, Energy & Natural Resources, Infrastructure & Urban Planning, and Public Health.

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What’s New?

[09/2016] On September 30, 2016, Monica Ortiz Uribe, Senior Field Correspondent currently aired on NPR, Public Radio International and Radio Bilingue, was our guest speaker. Monica addressed the issue of “Industrial labor in Mexico” specially the situation of maquiladora workers in Ciudad Juarez, from a journalistic point of view.


[07/2016] Patrick Schaefer, our Executive Director discusses with Monica Ortiz-Uribe from KRWG our newest energy report, aiming to elucidate and simplify the complexity of the regulatory energy structures prevalent in our region. Key aspects such as gas, electricity and fuel prices, regulatory changes in Mexico, resources available in the region (hydrocarbons and renewables), transmission infrastructure mapping, among others are included in this report that will be released soon. Click here to see the full interview.


[06/2016] Our new interactive data tools section allows us to present our data findings in a more didactic and visually attractive way. The first interactive graph displays the trends in occupational employment and average hourly real wages for El Paso, Doña Ana, and the two counties combined in the 2000 – 2017 time-period. Check it out!


[04/2016] On April 18, English journalist and writer Ioan Grillo was our guest speaker during our April Speaker Series session. Ioan has been reporting on the Mexican Drug War the Latin American illegal drug trade since 2001. He is the author of the books “Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars”, “Killing Fields and “the New Politics of Latin America” (released 2016) and “El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency” (released 2011).


[02/2016] On February 23, the Hunt Institute, together with the Center for Inter-American Border Studies, and in collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso, hosted the book presentation of the Mexican Ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Miguel Basañez, entitled “A world of Three Cultures”. The book examines the impact of culture on global development. by drawing on extensive quantitative data, the author identifies three “hyper clusters” of culture in the world: honor, achievement and joy.

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